Mirko Popadic is an independent producer and videomaker. For over 30 years he has created documentaries on community issues that are social, political, and cultural in nature.

Mirko has produced programs in special education and motivational documentaries for hemophiliacs, issues in job discrimination and welfare to work for women. Mirko has taken a proactive approach in producing programs for various communities. He specializes in giving a voice to groups who have not been heard.

The voices that have been heard through Mirko's documentaries have changed the laws in Illinois for women on aid, altered the way the Chicago Park District hires individuals, and revised the way the Illinois Housing Development Authority allocates funds for public housing.

The documentary Through Our Eyes has effectively convinced the Illinois State lawmakers to assist mothers on aid, who are willing to work, by guaranteeing that their children will have health care.

Jobs and Justice documents the struggle of a community organization in Chicago's Uptown area fighting against the discriminatory hiring policies of the Chicago Park District. Ultimately, after three long years, the Park District now ensures an equal opportunity hiring policy.

Mirko has done extensive work toward advancing the independence and empowerment of people with disabilities. His award winning documentary, Inclusion: A Special Education Dilemma is an hour-long video that presents a roundtable discussion on the issue of bringing children with disabilities into general education classrooms. It is intended to be used to stimulate discussions on this very controversial topic.

  • Gargoyle Advocacy Award, Council for Disability Rights, 2002, Producer and Advocate
  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Honor, "I'm Just Trying to Make It", 2000, Producer
  • National Easter Seal Broadcast Journalism Award, "Inclusion: A Special Education Dilemma", 1995, Producer
  • Chicago Emmy, "Build Thyself a Church", 1990, Producer
  • Miguel Munoz Community Service Award, "Between Uncertainty and Hope", 1990, Producer
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Many other programs that Mirko produced have reached out as well, resulting in bridges between seemingly divergent communities. Coming Home is documentary on the creative writing project of The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Videotaped one Friday evening at Grace Place, homeless men who studied poetry shared their stories with the Makom Shalom congregation.

Mirko's advocacy has made notable changes in many communities, resulting in improved quality of life and a better understanding between individuals and communities.